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Anyone out there an AFR or AF Operating Room Nurse?

Madgie Madgie (New) New

Hi - This is my first time posting - so I hope this works J

I will be finishing my BSN in Aug 06 and am currently enrolled in a one-year surg tech program to augment my nursing degree. I am seriously thinking about going back in the AFR (currently have 8 years active duty) and have a recruiter trying to "make it happen." - that's another post!

Tell me what a typical day in the OR is like for you?


I am an OR nurse, active duty USAF at Keesler AFB. my typical day starts at 06, i check my room out and make sure i have what i need for the first case. short break, then morning report and pre-op patient, try to roll in around 07. usually done with cases or relieved around14-1500, then i do service stuff (ortho) for about 30-60 minutes depending on what all i need to do. if i didn't work out before work i usually go work out after for about 45 minutes. i'm usually home between 1630-1700. keep in mind we work long days because we do short weeks (every other friday is a "down day"). Feel free to PM me if you have more ???? (i don't get much time to troll the boards here).


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