Anybody work in a fragance free facility?


I was wondering if anyone here on the boards work in a fragance free facility. I am interested in trying to get our facility to go fragance free. I am really bothered by some of the air fresheners they use, plus some of the different wipes really bother my allerigies. I can't imagine what it must to some of these folks with COPD and such. Heck, a couple of weeks ago one of our respiratory therapists had an asthma attack while at work. Something that was sprayed in the kitchen set her off. Her attack was so bad she almost bought the ET tube. :eek: If anyone has any links, or articles to pass on about this topic, I would be happy to see them. Thanks.


(aka deespoohbear)

our LTC facility is fragrance free. :) house keeping does use lysol spray on the bathroom faucets and door plates though. we are never allowed to use it around any resident for any reason. if caught doing so, you are immediately terminated. our administrator says that if we get rid of the source, we get rid of the smell. it works well for us but i have no clue about links or articles about how they went about implementing this.

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