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Anybody Got This F2F requirement down?


Calling all those with gray hair from F2F and PDGM madness!! Just when you think you got it! OK my question is this........I am reading so many different conflicting information that I wanted some of your input here........The F2F.....It comes in, the MD states this date is the F2F encounter, here is the eval (vague and unclear of primary) and orders SN. OK, from here..........What is the best course of action to fulfill our primary focus/DX. Does the SN narrative (summary) of the pt sent to the MD with the 485 not enough or doesn't act as the supportive documentation to the F2F? Or am I required to call the MD office requesting more supportive documentation (independently from their office and not an order or doc I send them) OR can I create an attestation/Addendum with all my supportive information as to what we feel the primary dx/focus is to be and call it an addendum to the F2F and send it out for MD signature (figured this wasn't allowed from the text)?

So many other agencies are telling me they are writing up the F2F as they need it to be? How? I am reading we can't do this....what's the loophole? How are they assisting these MD's with correct F2F verbiage?