Any Wallace Jeff State UAB info much appreciated!!

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Hi!- I was accepted into Jeff State for the Fall part time program. I'm glad, but feel like I have a decision to make about the best program for me. I've heard great things about Wallace (would want the hybrid program) and how friendly and organized they are (also have 100% pass rate on NCLEX). Jeff St is much closer to me, but have heard alot about disorganization and teachers not being very intuned. UAB second degree bachelor's program is also an option, but I have a family and seems difficult on schedule, but very tempting. If you have heard anything about any of these or have experience, please enlighten me!!! Thanks so much for the help!

I just graduated from Wallace & I have to tell you that it is a very hard program. I'm an adult non-traditional student, live south of Birmingham, and was concerned about the distance but I'm VERY glad I went to Wallace. There have been a couple of changes since I started but I'm sure they will stay a strong contender in the NCLEX pass ratio. Any hybrid program is hard but if you can get the hang of the schedule along with dedicated study time you can do it. You can also come to any classes if you wish even if you are registered as hybrid. They also have the classes recorded and I really took advantage of putting them on my Iphone and listened to them over and over again. I know the drive was very LONG and the first semester it was A LOT of driving but it was worth every mile! :)

I have no idea about the Jeff State program or any other but I made a 989 on the HESI & passed the NCLEX with with only 75 questions... I am happy with where I decided to go & plan to go to the next level... I do wish you luck with your decision & your future as a nurse!!

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