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Hello! I am interested in looking into a casual pool status at UNMH. I left a message with a recruiter and am still waiting a call back. The main questions that I have are the following:

1. Is there a minimum number of hours a casual pool RN would need to work per week, schedule, or month?

2. Can a per diem RN choose which department/unit to work in, or would the nurse be expected to cover anywhere they were needed?

3. Is the unit orientation different for a casual pool RN compared to a full time RN?

4. Is there anything that you think I should know about casual pool status that I may not get from human resources?

If anyone has any insight into these questions, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you in advance!


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It's been over a year since I worked there but I worked in the trauma ICU there for 5 years. First off, you have to be patient with HR. They are notorious for taking a long time to get back to you. Keep calling.

1) I doubt it has changed, but it used to be a 4 shifts per month committment for pool.

2) You may be pool for a specific unit or in the critical care pool in which you go to all critical care areas. Even if you are pool in a specific unit, per diem is first to float before staff.

3) Orientation is very short for pool. Maybe 12 hours in each unit or so. You would be expected to have experience to be hired for a per diem job. Most staff positions get 4 weeks - 6 months depending on experience.

4) Other than floating first and not getting benes, I can't think of much else. Just remember that staff always get priority for schedule, etc.

I loved working at UNMH. Like ALL hospitals, it has it's own issues, but overall I think it's a great place. IMO.

PM me if you have any specific questions. Good luck.

PS: where is the avatar pic of? I bet I've been there.


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Thank you so much for your response! Your answers are very helpful. Human resources called me back today and gave me the name and number for the manager in the Medical/Cardiac ICU for me to follow up with.

I might PM you later as I pursue this.

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