Any unique programs I should consider

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Hi, I am halfway through my prereqs, and I'm starting to make a list of second-degree and accelerated BSN programs to consider (For MANY reasons, I'm only considering BSN programs)

I have a 4.0 for all of my Science and psychology prereqs and all of my recent courses(14 credit hours so far)   but only a 3.08 overall. I frankly didn't care the way I should have for my first degree.  

I also need affordability. I will be paying for this with student loans, I know I will have to take a private loan out but as I'm 34 already, I don't want to be paying them off forever. 

However, I'm super willing to relocate, and well, I'm a pretty adventurous person. I'm wondering if anyone has unique programs I should consider. I've been taking my prereqs at college with a top ten nursing program, and I've been encouraged by my advisor that I stand a good chance of getting into their second degree BSN program. Still, the class sizes are HUGE, and I don't think this will facilitate my learning in the best way. 

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