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Any undergrad nursing student participating in research?

So..I am just wondering if anyone is designing research or particpating in it with a faculty member...I'm a sophomore and I want to do research this summer and try to publish.

Do you have research experience? I am doing a year long research project for an honors psychology course and it is a bear.

If there is something available, a prof to work with, go for it. But you likely will just be doing grunt work and not be getting a publication out of it.

My school has a research course but no real research options for nursing. If your school does a lot of nursing research, you need to hook up with a prof and work on their research. There are quite a few rules and regulations for conducting research and you aren't qualified as an undergrad to do it on your own. I am pretty sure the nationwide paperwork you have to fill out is through the IRB and that is once you have all your measures and such, they have to approve it. Then you can collect and analyze the data. I don't think a summer project would work, unless you already have a simple project planned, but that probably would mean it would have a limited chance of publication.

But then again you may be a rockstar researcher and just need a faculty sponsor? Whatever the case, good luck. I can answer questions based on my psych research if that is helpful to you.


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I did a semester-long research project with a faculty member two years ago while completing my prerequisites. I wrote a paper, submitted an abstract, and presented a poster at two conferences (one was with my university system and the other was at a regional nursing research meeting).

During my first undergraduate degree, I worked in three different research laboratories. I presented a poster and did an oral presentation at a state conference. The findings for two of the projects I worked on were published in national journals (but I was not listed as an author as I only did the laboratory work).

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me. Good luck and enjoy the experience!

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