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Any Tips for New Travel Nurses?

I am looking forward to my first travel job in jan/ feb. My husband and I are hoping to go to California or Nevada on my first assignment. Since we live in TN, this will be quite a trek for us. I am excited and nervous because I'm not exactly sure what to expect. What do they normally furnish? and what should I be prepared to bring with me in my mid-sized car?? Any tips you gals (or guys) can share with me would be great.... whether it's job or travel tips.


As for what to bring it depends on what the company says it offers. Mine on the current contract had only an apartment and furniture, TV and microwave- so I needed to bring pots and pans and utensils,DVD player plus my clothes and linens. Some companies do a corporate package with dishes, bed linens etc and say- just bring your clothes, but then you have to wonder who has been using those linens!!!

My advice is to ask to talk to the housing coordinator, and from them, get the number of the apartment complex where they are housing you- just call the manager there and they usually tell it to you straight, about what is included...

My biggest tip for the new traveler, is to be flexible and avoid saying, "Well at XYZ hospital we did..." This tends to annoy people and you start to sound like the American Pie girl "One time at band camp..." You may think it, but do not say it. I have had to bite my tounge, coming from an extremely progressive Level one trauma center, to a "good old boys" rural hospital...and through that I was asked to renew, but turned it down to go to another level one...(It's nice to have the request as part of an overall eval...being asked to renew says a lot).

One other tip- about a month into the assignment, have a charge nurse or the manager fill out an eval. that way you have an idea about how you are doing. People will not just tell you, best to ask, and good to get it in writing if you are doing a great job- which of course you will!

BEST WISHES and have FUN!!!

Thanks for the help! One more thing, and this may be silly, but should i bring my vacume? LOL.

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