Any state employed nurses? What do you think about it?

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I am an LPN working at a LTC facility in Memphis. My salary is great; my job is not. I no longer feel that this is an acceptable place to work. I've been hanging on by a thread there for the past 9 months saying that I would just stay long enough to complete my RN. I've cut my hours in half gradually and I'm at the end of my rope with the place. I'm turning in my resignation for May 1st.

I've been checking into some other jobs. I will not go to another LTC facility due to a list of bad experiences being employed by them. I had an interview for a state job today. They offered me a position, but I must say in honesty that the salary amazed me. If I take this job, it will be the lowest paying job I've had as a nurse. I'm prepare to take a large pay cut, but i wasn't expecting that much of a cut.

For anyone that might work for the state...How do you feel that balances out? Do you think the working environment and benefits are worth the lower salary? I feel like I would like to work at the facility, but I am afraid to take it because of the salary. I do not want to job hop.

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