Any SRNA's use palm programs to track cases??

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I was wondering if any SRNA's or CRNA's out there use any palm program to track there cases, I just started into the clinical and thought that using the palm might be a good way to go. I was going to try to toy around with HanDgo, but be for I did that I wanted to see what some of you did, I also saw Anesthesia Stat Tracker from but didn't want to waste my borrowed loan money just yet

can you track cases on your palm?

or is it just as easy to do the paper thing??


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do all you SRNA's out there just do the old Pen and Paper thing??


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little off topic...but had to say hi - since I just moved from Idaho to Oregon

I keep waiting for it to snow here- it's not gonna, guess I have to go visit my folks for christmas....see the meese....whoops moose....


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Well, I am not a CRNA student just yet (part of my 10 year plan) but I am currently in an ADN program. We started clinicals a few weeks ago and I use a Palm m130 quite a bit. I have ePocrates drug database, medical mnemonics, patient tracker program, and a few other helpful programs. The patient tracker device has been great and I'm sure the more I use it, the better I will get at it.


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I used anesthesia stat tracker for a while but whent back to keeping track in my black book. I found entering info a little slow if I was busy during a case. Now I just grab a sticker and paste it onto a page with a couple of notes such as procedure, ETT, a-line. Takes a few seconds and I have a hard copy in case there is any debate about the cases. BTW, I do love my PDA for drug guides and the like. I replaced my Handspring Prism with a Sony Clie and love it.


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Yep, it's paper and pen for me. I have a Handspring Visor, but it is going to be used for Epocrates and storing contact information.


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I think its going to be pen and paper for me too. I wasn't real impressed w/ stat tracker, couldn't find any thing else out there, plus the more I think about it, it would be nice to have a hard copy of the case


Jrnalist2RNinOR what part of ID? I am from burley, In Upstate NY for CRNA school



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Well, mostly Northern Idaho - call Sandpoint home - but lived in Moscow where I went to school at UI for the past couple years....

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