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I've been a CVICU and CVOR nurse for over 15 years. I am wanting to go back (online) to school. My  long-term goal is FNP.  I am in NO rush to get through it and don't want school to overtake my life. I have 3 kids 8-14. One has been battling cancer with 4 relapses for ~10 years. He is in a stable place right now and my interactions with NPs during his battle has lead me to want to become an FNP and likely begin working with pediatric cancer. When I was a child my mom went back to her Master's. She would have 1 night class/week. Other than that, our life continued as normal. She also had 8 weeks of class, then a month or 2 off, another 8 weeks, etc. it was a slow process, but our family life wasn't altered. That's what I want for my family. I also think going slowly will allow me to not rush to get assignments in and really learn the material. I'm not in it for the label, I want to know the material. Any suggestions for a slow/at-your-pace online MSN program or FNP program? I don't mind starting with MSN and then getting a post-masters FNP, if that helps make it more adaptable and less time crunchy. Any suggestions?


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Where do you live? If you live in Texas, I have a good option for you UT RGV (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley)