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Any Sarasota LPNs? Need a change in jobs.

Specializes in LTC, rehab, and now office nursing.

Hello all! I am a new member- been an Lpn for 4 years- living in Sarasota and working at a local LTC facility. I used to love it but recently they moved me from the long term side the rehab side and I am very upset. I am one of the few nurses that get pay in leiu of benefits- so I get 15% more on the hour. I must say that the pay where I work is very good but the work itself is horrible. The facilitly is beautiful and I really enjoy most of the nurses I work with. I was just wondering if there are any Lpns out there near me that don't work in the hospital? I was considering going to a doctors office but I don't think I will get good enough pay. Anyone work in one and what suggestions do you have for me, since I definitley need to leave this job. I think my license could be in jeopardy- due to understaffing and poor management. Thank you in advance- Geni

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