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I am currently an ADN student but when I finish this degree I plan on pursuing my BSN. Today in post conference of clinicals our instructor told us that if we thought that the ADN program was hard, we ain't seen nothin' yet if we decide to do a BSN bridge program. She said that her RN-to-BSN program was very rigorous even though she did a great deal of it on-line. What is your experience? Anyone done it on-line? I would really appreciate any insight/advice from those currently in an RN to BSN program as well as those who have BTDT.



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wow...i have heard the EXACT opposite.

Our teachers have told us that the ADN program is the hardest thing we will have to do. When you go on to get your BSN/MSN it will be easier because you have laid that basic nursing foundation in your ADN program! You know the basics, and the BSN/MSN are expanding on that. Think about it, when you entered your ADN program, everything was BRAND NEW. You didn't know anything about nursing (I guess unless you were an LVN or CNA before).

I plan on doing a bridge program from ADN-BSN-MSN (3 years total, 1.5 for BSN and 1.5 for MSN). It is pretty full time once you get to the MSN part, but I will still be able to work like 2 days a week as an RN.

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I've always been told (even by my instructors) that the ADN program is the worst and if you can make it through can make it through anything including the BSN or MSN. I've even heard that it's *almost* as bad as med school (but don't quote me on that....I don't plan on finding out).

But it makes sense like PICURN said, all this stuff is brand new, where when you further degree you are building on existing knowledge.


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Yeah, that's what I thought, too. My instructor insisted it was like boot camp for nurses doing her BSN. It is highly possible she just had a really tough teacher. She kept telling us about the 28+ page case studies they had to do...and do them *perfectly.* She said hers still got marked up w/ red ink. Oh well, I guess I shouldn't base my perception of bridge programs on one nurse's experience, right? If I want it bad enough it will happen, just like getting my ADN. :)

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