Any recent graduates of NOVA nursing program here (or second year students)?

U.S.A. Virginia



First of all, if you are reading this and you are also a NOVA graduate, I have much appreciation for you. I am only in my first semester and it's only been 4 weeks, yet I am feeling so pessimistic about the future. The readings are extensive, lab skill tests cause me much anxiety, listening to online lectures suck and I don't enjoy my in person lectures. Believe me, I do definitely want to be a nurse but I am having that whole overwhelmed thing going on. My first exam is on Monday and I don't even know how to even prepare for this because we just have so much stuff to read, download, listen....

I just wanted to hear from some recent NOVA graduates in practice or even second year NOVA nursing students. It'd be much MUCH appreciated if you could share some advices about surviving the program, test taking strategies, HOW and WHAT to study, anything about clinicals, any interesting stories, whatever. Anything will help me be encouraged a bit.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my depressing post!!

You are experiencing what most students experience, whether at NVCC or other programs. I think its part of the initiation of being a student nurse! I recently went through it at NVCC. Listen to the lectures again, paying particular attention to the slides. Do the reading assignments and review. You must stay on top of your reading, and quite frankly, everything else. Don't get behind...this is key. Use a day planner. Know what needs to be done. Don't go a day without doing something...every day. Be selfish with your time. Your life as you knew it will not be the same. The first test and lab skills test are the hardest because you don't know what to expect. Things will lighten up and be better. You are almost through the toughest part...the 1st month! Do the work...and do the best you can....and relax with the thought that you have done your best. You'll get through this. Trust in yourself.

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