Any Ramapo students or grads? Need help making decision.


I have just been accepted as a transfer student into Ramapo. I was also accepted at Dominican in NY. At Ramapo I would be a full-time student taking 4 classes/semester and finishing in 2 years. At Dominican I would be a part-time student taking 2-3 classes/semester and finishing in 3 years. I like the idea of the part-time schedule as I have 3 teenagers but I think Ramapo has the better program.

Can anyone provide any insight into how manageable the Ramapo nursing program is? Advantages, disadvantages and schedules at Englewood vs. Valley? How much work and studying is involved? I am a good student but I'm worried about whether I can handle the full-time program. Thank you in advance!

Hey I am applying to Ramapo Nursing program as a transfer student and I was wondering if you can tell what where some of the thing they look at on your application and what was your gpa?


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Hello I applied Ramapo, I'm still waiting to hear back. Which school did you guys end up picking and why