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Any "union" RN's here? I need advice.

I have never been in a union before, but after the year I have had (5 postions in 12 months!! I look like a total flake), I am starting to think that I need some job protection.

I really feel like these businesses (and that is EXACTLY what they are all about, the money) are taking advantage of my good nature, as well as playing games with other nurses too. The last hospital that I worked at had a statement in the employee handbook that read something like "we do not discriminate against unions, but we feel that we can offer our employees more by not having to deal with unions." Kind of a guilt trip, huh?

I have been in healthcare my entire adult life, but ever since I became an RN in May 2004, I feel SO naive about the "politics" of nursing!! I just have this constant sense of needing to watch my back at all times.

I realize that being in a union does not give you a free ticket to act like a jackass or do a poor job (my husband is a cop with the FOP), but I feel so vulnerable sometimes; like I'd get thrown to the wolves by management at anytime. Please help!

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