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:redbeathe Hello, just wondering if any of you all are working with our troops or volunteering with mental health issues. Any advice as to how to get involved with this topic. It seems so many need mental health help and there aren't enough staff to help them. I know that you all have seen this again and again on the news. It is really sad to me:angryfire. Any insight or thoughts would be appreciated. Would one needs a masters degree to do this?? Thanks in advance for your help. :redbeathe

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I'm applying to the Navy Nurse Corps currently and have every intention to work as a psych nurse within the Navy. The military branches are a great route if you're looking to work with current troops; the VA is a great way to work with Veterans. You can go into the military as a nurse if you have a BSN (don't need your masters but through the military you may get the opportunity to earn your masters or DNP). With the VA I believe you just need an ADN or a BSN and once again you'll have the opportunity to continue your education and make an even greater impact as an NP.

Personally I've done a clinical rotation at a VA psych floor and they need people who care passionately about mental health issues and especially those issues pertaining to PTSD because it can be very easy to burn out. I hope we can look forward to making leaps and bounds in the care of those troops and veterans living with mental illnesses in the future.

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