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Any Perioperative Nurse Educators out there?

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Hi all!

I was recently provided an intriguing opportunity by my current nurse educator.

She thinks I'd be the best candidate to take over her position. She's planning on moving to another position that's till within the surgical services dept and wants to train me to take over her position before she leaves. She's already informed the director of her idea and the director agreed I'd be a good fit.

I have major reservations about this for the following reasons:

Total years of experience as a nurse: 4.5

1+ ER, 3.5 OR and cross trained in PACU, Endo and L&D (strictly to perform c-sections)

I've only worked for this hospital for a year and two months. This is the first level one trauma center I've worked for, the previous facilities I've worked for were Level III facilities. It is also a teaching facility.

I only hold a BSN and haven't even begun to start my MSN

I really wanted to go for the whole nurse educator role later on in my career, I'm afraid the experience I have at this time would not be enough, even though the current educator thinks I'm more than prepared to handle the role.

Any hospital educators out there? Any in periop services that can share what their role fully entails?

What kind of salary should I be expecting for an adult level one trauma teaching facility in a city?

Anything you could share would mean a lot.

So far, I'm being told by friends and family, "Go for it!" I just don't want to miss the opportunity but in the same token, I don't want to go into something that I'm not prepared enough for.

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4 Posts; 605 Profile Views

In addition, what Q's would be best to ask concerning the role of the Peri-op/Surgical Services Nurse Educator?

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