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Any one just enrolled in CNI college or Corcorde career college

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I am planning to enroll CNI college or concorde career college. Which school is the better one? I met both of the representatives there. At CNI college they told me that they have the high passing rate and they will have RN program near future. However I just saw some bad reviews about this school. Some one said that you need to wait three month to take the nclex exam and the instructors are not good at all. Any one go to those school please tell me something about them ang give me some suggestion thanks


Hi, I go to CNI and love it. The teachers are great and willing to help you. Now, you'll always have some students that will say bad things about the school. You need to know that the nursing program is hard and some people don't study and complain about their failures on teachers and the school. Just keep your goal in mind that you want to be a nurse and go to the school that you feel fits you.