Any nurses going to PRCC for the 2014 Summer LPN to RN Bridge

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Roll call! Just wanted to see if any LPNs are on here that will be attending the Pearl River Community College 2014 LPN to RN Bridge. So excited to be accepted and begin furthering my education. Hope you all are as excited as I am. Is anyone doing anything to prepare for the summer course? Do any of you plan to work while attending nursing school and where are you from?

Hi! I'm applying for PRCC's Lpn and Usm's bsn for fall 2015. I'm interested in knowing what the chances of actually getting into the bridge to Rn program are? Im applying to the Lpn as a backup of course. Obviously I would like to get into usm and complete a "one stop shop" but that might not happen. And I wasn't able to make the available test dates for the Pax this semester. I'm scared thought of wasting time in the Lpn by not actually getting into the bridge program. Anything you could tell me would be much appreciated!

Honestly, it's all about personal choice, goals and perspective. I myself chose to go the LPN route almost 7 years ago because # 1 I was afraid I would spend lots of money and time on a career I wasn't 100% sure I would like ( I was only like 99.7% sure í ½í¸Š) I have received great training and wonderful experiences from the positions I have held as an LPN and overall that makes me feel much more confident. I completed the LPN TO RN Bridge this past summer and hope to graduate in May with my ADN. I personally would not change the route I took. YESSSSS it is very difficult to bridge, but oh so worth it and doable. You really just have to weigh your options. Keep in mind that as a LPN you will get valuable experience and skills! I see a difference especially comparing me with my fellow classmates who have never worked in the medical field. The job market is not great at all for anyone, but in nursing world LPNs do tend to have less job opportunities depending on what area you plan to work in, but there are still job choices for LPNs. I try not sway anyway one way or the other, but I do suggest people research the schools they apply to. The bridge at PRCC is only done once a year in the summer(5 weeks) and is for LPNs with 1 year experience. I'll just be truthful~ it's a beast! you are basically completing 1st and 2nd semester combined. Once you complete it you begin third semester in the fall which consists of Pediatrics and OB/Maternal- Newborn nursing. Then the last semester consists of Psych and Med-Surg II. So basically after becoming a Lpn you work for at least a year then it takes you a year to complete the bridge and the following semesters. As far as your chances of getting in I really couldn't tell you. If you go on PRCC's website it will tell you the criteria and how they choose from the applicants. It helps if you live within the district. The Pax-RN was a requirement for the bridge but I'm unsure if the LPN students even have to take an entrance exam. That can also be found on their website. Good Luck on your endeavor, no matter what path you choose. Nursing is such a rewarding career! I feel blessed everyday to just be a part of a group of wonderfully special people.

I recently spoke to the LPN counselors and they have changed the one year of experience thing even though it is still on their website. The possibility of wasting that time scares me though! Thank you for your advice! How was the summer bridge program? Tough? Do you know if they only select applicants from the lpn program at the prcc campus or do they draw from a wider pool of applicants?

Hey I am new to this. How can I see if there are others going to start PRCC LPN to RN Bridge Spring 2016 ?

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