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Any nurses from Calgary... questions for ya!


Greetings. I am an ER nurse living and working in Ontario. I worked in Calgary about 4 years ago, and my wife and I are considering moving back. I am just wondering if you know of anyone, specifically nurses who have received the relocation assistance that is mention on the CRHA website.

That would be a big selling point for me moving.

Oh, and how is the job situation? There seems to be quite a few full-time positions on the website.

Thanks in advance.

Chris George, RN BScN

I'm not currently working in any of the hospitals in Calgary, but I can tell you that the CHR remains desparate for nurses.

I would suggest that you contact the Nurse Managers of all the hospitals personally and ask them directly what his/her current hiring situation is. Sometimes there is delays in getting employement positions on the web.

Good Luck

Calgary is really the place to be:D :D

I worked at the PLC for about 2 years. I loved it... and we regret moving back to Ontario... I miss Calgary, and thanks for the hints.

I am planning to relocate out of the US to either Canada or the UK (my home) and I have been reading some of the restrictions in Ontario about their BSN vs Diploma nurses and their new grad restrictions therefore going there is not an option. I will be a new grad from an RN program by 2006 (probably a diploma program), but will have been an LPN for over 3 years and I was wondering what it is like to find work as an RN in the Calgary area.

I have been told that it is nice and I plan to visit, but how is the market. I have read where some Canadian hospitals will not hire immigrants on a permanent basis. Is this true, or can I just apply for immigration and just come on up without worry ?? I would be bringing my family up there and I must be sure that I will have some sort of stability.

Any information you can give will be appreciated.




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