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Any LPNS/LVNS working infertility


Are there any LPNS/LVNS currently working at infertility clinics? if so, what are your responsibilities and current pay/benefits?

I currently run a infertility satellite office in Central California and would like some light shed on my job duties compared to other nurses working infertility.

I am due for a review in which I do not for see any negative outcomes, however, it did take me 3 years before I did get a raise with this company and I currently to not have any benefits (not good medical insurance, my husbands warehouse job provides better insurance) and have had to fight tooth and nail to get the first raise.

I opened up this office and have worked my behind off to make it successful and managed 1 other LVN per-diem and Medical assistant. I do ultrasounds, inseminations, triage patients with any complaints they may have after stimulation cycles, evaluate them for cysts, endometriomas, pelvic pain, OHSS and report my findings back to M.D. I do manage IVF and IUI cycles, calendar reviews, draw blood and run daily administrative tasks (bank runs, marketing etc.)

Im looking for some insight and help with deciding to stick with this company which really doesn't give me any incentive or taking a pay cut working a SNF or home health and getting back to school to move on with my education to RN..

Thank you.