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Any L&D Nurses in Hawaii?


I am an experienced L&D Nurse looking for a travel assignment in Hawaii in the next few weeks. Has anyone else traveled in Hawaii in the OB setting? Are you willing to give me advice and tell me about your experience? I'd really appreciate it!! I've never even been to Hawaii and could use a "voice of experience" to advise me. PM me if you prefer.

NO recruiters, please!


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I didn't work OB but spent almost a year at Kapiolani Hospital for Women and Children. Great place to work in the early 90's. I was in the ER and took many an expectant Mom to L&D in the basement while someone parked the car. Don't know where you are from but I was told that I wouldn't need a car, 'public transportation is great on the islands', well maybe for someone who had used Public Transportation in the past. I had not and lasted two weeks before I purchased a vehicle there. It's expensive to live there. Much more than any other place, but you can do a few things to keep the costs down. Made a lot of rice and stir-fry, packages of meat and veggies found in the grocery. No air conditioning and I left from Reno, NV in the early spring where it was very cool. Suddenly quite hot in Honolulu when I arrived. Did get sort of used to it. All was great for the 6 month assignment. Liked it so much I took a per-diem job and let my return airfare ticket expire. Bad move. Within a couple months "Island Fever" was in the early stages and full blown by the end of my first year on th Island. The feeling of "being stuck on a rock in the middle of the Pacific" was not fun. Someday I will try for another assignment but will make sure I have an exit plan. Good luck, have fun.