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Any Info on ATS nursing school new to CHicago


Good evening all,

I'm a potential nursing student but I wanted to know if anyone had any information on a school called ATS, originally from Ohio...new to the chicago Loop area 25 East Washington st. lower level where LA Fitness formally known as Bally's across from Macy's...they are suppose to have a 11month LPN program...any info would be very appreciated...

I am a currently an ATS student and I am in there ADN Bridge Program, I really enjoy being in this program, the teachers are knowledgeable and I have learned lots more from them. I can honestly say that they are good at instructing. Sphelps

Hi Im new to this forum

Any info about the ATS Pn-program in chicago?It says that theres no need for pre reqs.How much is the cost of the program and how long..Please help..im tired of being a cna.Thanks.

I believe ats was based out of ohio. They dont have a prerequisite needed because they just add it toward the whole course. Similar to how florida has their lpn program structured.So its not that you will not be taking pre requisite courses. They are just inluded in the whole program.

Hello, I am also from Chicago trying to decide on going to ATS or just take the pre-reqs through a community college and then start the nursing programs. I am afraid of graduating from ATS in the future to then find out that they rather hire a person who graduated from a city college as oppose to someone from ATS. It's a new school too. At ATS I will be done in 11 to 16 months as oppose to going through almost 4 years total going through the city college to which I will also have to be put on a waiting list. By that time, I will be 50 years old....

I want to start ATS this year. How is it going for you? I heard they may start the RN program soon?