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Hello.. Im new to this, but have read some posts that seem to state you work for somebody else. I am a Independent Medicaid Home health provider. Im looking to share info and talk with other independent home health providers. Im new to this, about 3 months so far, but I have 5 years experience in Skilled and Long Term Care. It is very hard to find patients, with all the new privacy laws, nobody seems to want to give you names, the patients have to come to you. Im looking for info on how to get Medicare certified, How to bill medical insurance companies, how to work as a Independent pool agency nurse for local hospitals and nursing homes.. Anybody wanna share..please feel free to e-mail me,,Thank You, Brenda.. HELP...!!!!!



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Hi Brenda.

I do private pay home care visits. I advertise in the local newspaper. Sometimes I get referrals right from the doctors themselves.

The population which I am targetting are elderly people with chronic conditions who need some help, but aren't yet ready to live in an assistive living facility. Many have children who are either out of town or unavailable. These patients aren't required to be homebound, nor do they need to have a skilled need because they are paying privately. I send bills out monthly. Have not had any problems collecting.

My census varies, and I am pursuing my business "on the side" and working for other home care agencies on a regular basis.

I do not attempt to "recruit" any of my agency patients for my own business for ethical reasons.

Good luck!!

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