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Nurses New Nurse


here is the senario..lets say my friend when to the she was working out she stated to feel a little dizzi,

she stop..20-40seconds later her eyes where moving from right to left none stop.she freak out and so did I , I can see her eyes move by themself and she can not stop them...she feels dizzy,bomiting ,she see's the room moving fast along with the eyes,

We when to the doctor and the doctor said might be a nerve behind the eye..the second Doc say There might be Fluids behind,

the last one said that there was something to do with the ears

...i will let you know what was the final word..

but i want to hear what you guys think.. and if anyone knows of these problem

by the way i know these is the net and anyone can type whatever

so i wont take any suggestions...

thank you.

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