Any idea about Vancouver General Hospital


I am a US-trained RN. I just received my assessment letter from CRNBC and looking for possible employer who can offer me temporary RN license. I like ICU and challenge patients, but not bxxch working environment.

Has anyone heard about Vancouver General Hospital? doesn't like me doing job-hunting. They suggests me focus on one hospital, but I totally have no idea about Vancouver. Could any of you give me some idea about this hospital? The location seems convenient and public transportation system looks great since I don't drive. And I check the hospital map, ER and CCU are next to each other. I think the design is smart, and we won't spend much time on new patient transportation.


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If transportation is going to be an issue with you, try to stay in

east/west vancouver or close to a skytrain station.

Do NOT live in Richmond/Coquitlam/Surrey because commute

if you don't have a car will be killer (40-60mins one way)!

The hospital itself is the biggest in all of greater Vancouver I believe..

my aunt works there and she's taken me around before, it looks like

a nice place to be


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It is a nice hospital. They have probably in the last 3-4 years built a huge addition to the hospital. It has many different buildings for different departments. It is very accessible with transit and busses come like every 2-3 minutes. St. Pauls also is in the Vancouver downtown area. If you don't want to live in is VERY expensive (I had to move to Port Coquitlam in order to afford a house! Property values and rents are outrageous here!), consider Royal Columbian Hospital in New West. It is right beside a SkyTrain and from downtown Van to New West takes 25 minutes.


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To yxj124, how long did it take you to receive your CRNBC assessment , I`m a US nurse too, planning on moving to Canada, is it easy?


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Paprikat, I appreciate all your information. I check on Internet there are several apts around VHG , which request $750-850/mo. I think if I can get $4000/mo from my job, the rent is ok for me. There's one thing very interesting. Many families rent their basements out. Some basements look fabulous and included everything, like TV, furniture, bed, and even all utilities. I live in Los Angeles and, I believe, the housing underground will be a totally new and exciting experience for me.


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mudiwa, the initial assessment took me around 3 months. All my official documents were mailed to CRNBC within 3 weeks, but they wouldn't start the assessment until 9 weeks after they billed me. AFTER they started my assessment, CRNBC requested a working experience verification and it took TWO weeks (verificatiopn form from BC --> CA, USA --> my manager filled the form then mailed back to BC).

My boyfriend is working in Vancouver now. He told me people in Vancouver is kind of slow and relax. I guess if I wanna work in Vancouver, I'd better get used to their culture first.


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thanks a lot yxj124. I`ll start applying soon.

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