Any ID/DD Nurses in Virginia?

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I don't see any recent posts here so I'd like to try to dig it up and dust it off-are there any other Virginia DD nurses out there? Where are you and what kind of work do you do? I feel like there aren't many of us for some reason.



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There are, and I am. I work in NOVA. Although I am new to this specialty. My background is Cardiac/Neuro, but I wanted something a little more fulfilling that is less stressful. I do have to note that my position is an Administrative one. I am the Director of Health Services. I have very little patient care. I work with the group home directors, families, pharmacies and doctors as a liaison. I create specific protocols for the individuals as well. However, the most fulfilling part of my job is when I can spend time with them. We have an onsite day program and I times I will visit them. When I do MAR audits I visit with them and get the opportunity to accompany them on their doctors appointments. What is your role in this specialty?



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Hi there!

My role sounds very similar to yours, but my company's business model seems a little different-I'm under, not equal to, the (non-medical) Residential Director as Clinical Nurse Manager. I also teach the 32-hr Medication Aide class and the 6-hr Gtube class. My current project is beginning our Skilled Nursing department.

Have you heard of our do you attend the DBHDS regional community nursing meetings held by Susan Moon? If not, I would definitely recommend dropping by-they're a great way to network and there's one in the NOVA region every month. The statewide meeting is May 11th, in fact, here in Richmond.

Take care!