Any hospital with maxillo-facial & plastic surgery units in NY?

U.S.A. New York


Hi guys! Any hospital you know that pay good salary in maxillo-facial & plastic surgery in New York? Feedback pls. thank you very much.:)


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North shore Long Island Jewish(LIJ) has a well known and respected oral-maxillofacial & ENT(otolaryngology..... not sure how to spell it). I just a rapid pallate expansion done over a year ago and had a great experience there, in addition any doctor I speak to in NY seems to know and respect the MDs there. I'm not familiar with the pay specific to that unit but I know that staff RNs are starting at 60k @ LIJ so it should be in that ballpark for new grads. Good luck --that's a fascinating and everchanging field!


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many thanks 1styear. gonna check it out.


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many thanks 1styear. gonna check it out.

Hi suplado23. Have you, by any chance, found anything out about maxillo-facial surgery units in NY? I have always had an interest in this field and would like to enter it one day. I would love to hear any info. you have. Or, if you can direct me to where I could find info., I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

- Ruby

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