Any hard nursing courses?

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Just wondering from any of you that are commited on becoming a CRNA and current CRNA's, other than pre req courses, were there any nursing courses you felt were challenging? Just wondering because most people here I feel have a better perspective than anywhere else. THanx


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shirleytx - i start this wk - but from the looks of my books - every course is gonna be very challenging....


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Are you asking about courses in an undergraduate nursing program or a CRNA program? It sounded to me like you meant undergrad. If so, I would say I did not really find the courses challenging, maintaining a 4.0 was not that hard. The challening part of nursing school for me was the large volume of "busy work" given to you that seems to have no bearing on your education as a nurse. It was difficult from a time management perspective and also from a motivational standpoint b/c many of the assignments seemed so pointless. Had I not been aspiring to become a CRNA, I probably would not have had the motivation to maintain a 4.0. If you were asking about a CRNA program, I do not know yet b/c I will be applying next year!

Yeah, I agree with Ami, undergrad nursing classes weren't that hard. I did an accelerated program so it was the sheer volume of "busywork" that was hard. My science pre-reqs were much more difficult.


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Yes I meant undergrad, the reason I asked is because I just completed my first semester in nursing at the University of texas and barely got all A's. I would also have to agree that the material isn;t rocket science but it seems to be alot of info at times. I'm kinda scared about the approaching semester because of the close call that happened. I 'm just going to work harder from here on out.

thanks for everyone's reply. :)


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Dear ShirleyTx,

To answer your question about undergrad. nursing courses, the ones that seemed to give students the most trouble were pharmacology, pathophysiology, and med-surg. nursing. If you managed to get all A's in your first semester, even if low A's, I would feel encouraged. Besides, you are still getting used to the system, the school, the faculty, etc.

Try to keep focused on the here and now while keeping one eye on the future goal of going to anesthesia school.

Good luck with your pursuits.


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