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Any graduates OR applicants of Sonoma State University FNP program???


So I applied for the fall 2015 fnp program and am the 5th on the alternate list. Wondering if anyone else has any experience with this? Do you know someone who got in off the alternate list? If so what number were they? People keep saying it's god I got on the alternate list but I don't see how. I applied for the part time program and they only take 20 spots. So 5 people would have to drop and I highly doubt that will happen...

Did anyone get on the alternate list one year but accepted the next? Any info to this specific program would be pretty great! Thanks!


I do not have information to share about being waitlisted for this program. You wrote about being part time which alerted me and compelled me to comment. I started this program in my 3rd semester of nursing school. I had a BA and started the bridgework while still in nursing school. I was very motivated and completed everything with a 4.0 including my first semester in the FNP program at SSU. I was the first person to land a clinical site for second semester, which is difficult to do. When I enrolled in SSU, it was strictly as a part time student in the FNP program. The same for other fellow students. As I entered my second semester, I was told that there was no longer a part time program.....told in such a way as if the program dean pretended there never was a part time program, any discussion would about it would disappear. Yet there were students ahead of me, semester-wise, that were on a part-time status. So poof! the part time option disappeared. I think what happened is the school could not afford the part time option so it was taken away without ever communicating that to the students. The repercussions for me were that my employer would not let me work a condensed schedule, Saturdays and Sundays, so I could be in the clinical site as much as possible. I also had to take more courses, the tough ones, at the same time as the clinical which is not what I had planned for. Ultimately I had to drop after all the expense and work. in my second semester I had to drop. So my advice to you, is get something in writing signed by the nursing school dean confirming your ENTIRE program is part time. I liked SSU. It is a good school and they turn out a lot of FNPs. What I did not like was the shadiness of the program management. They also hired a lot of nurses for instructors that had very little experience teaching. There was constantly a lack of organization and structure to follow what the program materials stated were to study or be tested on vs. what the ad hoc instructor, who had to get a job near Rohnert Park because she and her husband just bought a vineyard, thought we should be tested on. She kept inserting her agenda which was not the agreed upon curriculum. That would have been fine to have her perspective if our grades and advancement were not contingent on the coursework established by the program directors and not her. Be wary of these women running this program. Once they decide to take things another direction, you have very little ability to get your needs met. Good luck.