Any graduates of Mount Saint Mary's Accelerated BSN?


Any graduates (or current students) of Mount Saint Mary's Accelerated BSN? I'm planning on applying for next summer (May '09) and just wanted to get some feedback and advice regarding the program. What do you like and dislike about the program? How do you pay the astronomical tuition, etc... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I went to an information session today and got a good feeling....I think it might just be the perfect place for me! :D


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I just graduated last May. The program moves pretty fast and ton of work. When they told you that you will have no life for a year, it's really true. But don't worry it's definitely doable. Most of the theory professors are excellent. However, you may have some bad clinical instructors, but this seems to be the norm with most nursing programs. Overall, it was definitely worth it. Mount grads are well regarded and received by most hospitals in LA.

Regarding tuition...most of us received a nursing scholarship from either Kaiser, Northridge Hospital or Torrence Memorial. They paid $25,000 of our tuition for 2 year commitment. I just started at Northridge Hospital this week. So far everything has been great. I would definitely recommend this program.

Let me know if you have more questions. Good luck with application.

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