Any *good* scholarships out there to apply for?

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i'm starting a nursing program this fall. i'm looking for any good specific scholarships to apply for (outside of the very few that my school offers and the hospital tuition reimbursement ones that i've found). there are so many scholarships listed on, discover nursing, etc... but i don't know if i'd just be wasting my time and money (pulling all of those transcripts gets expensive!) applying for those if they're really hard to win.

does anyone know of any good scholarships to apply for that 10,000 other people are also not applying for? thanks in advance for your help!


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Personally I wouldn't use a scholarship website to find scholarships. I would expect them to be harder to get thatn finding something locally. Besides your school (which would probably be your best bet) I would look for scholarship available in your community. My school had a booklet of scholarships avaiable not just specifically for NSG. Also there are Pell Grants available throught the Stafford Loan (FAFSA I think) If you send your appy in and they give you figures on how much $$ you qualify for in loans and grants. You don't have to take the loan but the grant money you don't have to repay!


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Work Inforcement Act (W.I.A.) helped me through school. You can qualify in many ways. It helped me since my husband made too much money for me to get a pell, but not enough to afford school. Since I had not been working for six months, I was eligible no matter what my husband made. I had to fill out for it at the employment office. Not many people know about it. Was formerly called JTPA, hope this helps.

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