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Any good ideal how to study for the nurse entry exam

Rickell Rickell (New) New

Hello everyone I have a problem...as of right now I'm in community college. When I first started my plan was to go to school to be an RN but then I got afraid because I had a hard time with math and I had got an D I'm bio/ chem so then I said I was going to go for LPN which you only needed human bio. Then I got confused again because once again I got frustrated because at the community college the only time you can get in the program is fall and they only accept 68 students in the morning and 48 in the evening and I have friends who have been on the waiting list for a year. So I started taking other classes why I waited I even change major to human services but now my mind is made up and I only need 3 more science and one math for the RN Program. So my question to everyone what would you do if this was You? I was thinking about just finishing the rest of my classes and then transfer and get my BSN what would you do.

If you feel you have the aptitude to succeed, I would just go for the RN. Not to say you can't get a good job in certain areas as an LPN but you will have a lot more options as an RN. You can get your RN through the community college and then once you have completed it, get a BSN from a four year school while you are working.