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Any EC graduates from SC?

by natking13 natking13 (New) New

Hey! I'm an LPN in SC. I've been so frustrated with this state due to their lack of programs that have availability for a LPN pursing her RN and being convenient for me to work at the same time. I was wondering if anyone did this program while working in SC so I can decide if I want to pursue this or not. It's absolutely frustrating and I even told a local technical college that they're dream killer for not being flexible with me.


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I'm from SC, but I have not graduated; I am currently an Excelsior student. Started out this year. I've passed the A&P and Micro pre-reqs (mine were too old), Health Safety, Math, took the Info Lit course, passed Music Theory and Analyzing and Interpreting Lit (gen ed), and I'm going to sit for Transitions next week. I plan to take one more nursing exam this year (Health Differences) and then I'm tackling Foundations in Jan. That leaves me next year with the Level II exams, English (again, mine was too old) and the two Social Sciences, which I'm clepping out of with Human Growth and Development and Intro to Soc. I hope to be done by April, do the FCCAs and begin the process of waiting for a spot to open up with the CPNE, which I want to take in Atlanta, because it's closest to me. :)