Any CRNA's in OC willing to let me shadow them for a day?

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I am in the process of applying for CRNA school and need to shadow a CRNA for the day! Im really intrigued by the profession and would love the opportunity to observe and learn. I'm located in Orange County but willing to drive to LA if needed 

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Congratulations! CRNA is an exciting career and shadowing is a crucial step towards achieving your goal! 

I encourage you to check with your employers anesthesia department (if you're at a hospital); also checking with other hospitals in your area may help. 

Additionally, you can try pain clinics, surgery centers, even dental offices. And don't forget about connecting with your state and local associations! They may be able to help you with shadowing connections also. 

Please grab a (Free!) copy of our CRNA Shadowing Experience documentation form! It not only outlines the general overview of what to expect and some questions to ask but you can use it when applying to CRNA school in the future 🙂

Here's the link:

Cheering you on! 

I will be getting that documentation form, thank you!!

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