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Any Connecticut Lpns Out There?


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hey everyone!

so i just passed my NCLEX last week, and im so excited to get started with my career! the only problem is... im having a hard time finding a job (except for homecare... which i am not particularly interested in), which is completely unexpected. does anyone know of ANY places hiring?

thanks!!! :)


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I am an RN in CT not an LPN but I have some grim news for you. Firstly, LPN's (from what I have noticed) mostly work in Long Term Care here in CT. BUT, due to the crappy economy and budget cuts there are some clinics that are now hiring LPN's instead of RNs. I know of two places just in my area that are hiring LPNs right now. Generations (a low income clinic in Willimantic) and Natchaug (a psych clinic in Mansfield).

Secondly, again due to the crappy economy- RN's are having a tough time finding jobs too. I started looking for a job in September, passed the NCLEX in October and am just now experiencing some luck. If you search "can't find a job" on this site, you will come up with lots of threads from LPNs and RNs in the same situation. I recently spoke with a "higher up" at one hospital in CT who said they just had a meeting on the very subject. The economy is drying up the nursing shortage (at least here in CT) because experiences nurses are: working more/taking on more shifts and jobs, not retiring or coming out of retirement. Smaller hospitals and facilities are not willing to take on new grads because they can get the experienced people and it costs $$ to train newbies. This means the pool of jobs left open for New Grads is very small and we are competing with everyone who have recently passed the NCLEX. I am hoping to find something before January when all the December grads will be taking the NCLEX.

The good news for you is that there are more opportunities for LPNs besides LTC because, as I mentioned, some places are replacing RNs with LPNs. The bad news is you are fighting againt a slew of other people for those jobs. Sorry if I created a dark cloud over your head, but I thought you should know what you are up against. You WILL get a job, but it may take awhile and/or A LOT of footwork. Good Luck!


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thanks for your honesty! your explanation makes sense. a lot of people i went to school with are having the same problem. although, some have found jobs. at this point, as much as i would prefer to NOT work in LTC (motivation to get right into an RN program), i would do it, just to gain expierience and make a paycheck.

your right though, its going to take time. i didnt expect to get a job IMMEDIATELY, however, nursing school DRAINED me financially and im getting anxious. even places that tell me they arent hiring im applying anyway.

i hope you have some better luck too! congrats on the rn!

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