Any Central Florida CRNA's out ther I can shadow???


Hi all, I am a pre-nursing student with the hope of one day, if at all possible, getting into a CRNA program. I have an aunt who is a CRNA and she tells me how much she loves it and how fulfilling and rewarding it is. I am very interesting on seeing what CRNA's do on a daily basis (I think I have an idea), I have heard from several doctors that say it is extremely boring because "all you do is sit on a stool and pass gas for twelve hours". It was said in good fun.

So if there is any CRNA's in the Central Florida area who would allow me to shadow them for a day, I would greatly appreciate it. I will start nursing school in August, so pretty soon I will have access to clinical sites if that will be an issue. So again, if at all possible, please PM me.

Thanks very much

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