Any CCAC Students, PLEASE Help!

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Hi! Ok, I need some advice. I recently decided I want to be a nurse. I was originally a pre-nursing student and then changed my mind. A whole bachelors degree later, here I am again, going into nursing! I have been in college for over 4 years and can't believe I am back at square one!

Anyway, because of this I want to go to CCAC and get finished with the program as SOON as possible. I wanted to go to Boyce's Fast Track program, but I missed the deadline to get in. And to make matters worse, the Fast Track program only starts in Spring :(

So it seems I will have to start next Fall, and do the two years, meaning I can't get my RN until three years from now, rather than 18 month! AH!

Any advice to speed up this process?!

unfortunately, all the schools right now either have waiting lists for 2011 or the applications were due this past summer. I would recommend you take all the pre-reqs before applying, I know a few girls in our class who are trying to take A&P or Micro with their clinical NRN 101 and they are barely treading water..... and since you must maintain a certain grade to stay in the program, a few are considering dropping their add'l classes and taking them in the summer months when clinical takes a break lol be prepared tho that CCAC is totally unorganized,and it's the biggest complaint you'll hear if you apply/get in. Highly recommend the program, just talk to people who are in the program now to get an idea what you're in for. There's a reason North campus has such a high % of students pass the NCLEX on the first try.... our professor writes her exams like NCLEX questions, so it's a good learning experience, but very difficult, I'll be happy if I keep my B!! :)

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