Any Canadians attending WGU RN to MSN program?


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Hello everyone! I'm here in Canada and I have just applied to WGU's RN to MSN program. I'm wondering how the application process went for fellow Canadians - I have a 3 yr diploma in Nursing. Did they automatically accept it as an Associate's Degree? Did you have to have your transcripts evaluated by a third party to designate it as an associate's degree? Did you receive full transfer credits as others with an Associate's Degree would?

Would also love to hear about your experience with WGU as a Canadian is. Thanks so much in advance for your responses!:nurse:


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I know this is an old post, but what did you find out? I am living in the states and planning on going the WGU route for RN-BSN. My husband is Canadian and he wants to move back near his family. Just wanted to see if you had any troubles transferring your WGU degree for Canadian recognition. Thanks!


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I started MSN in October 2014. I live in Canada but cross the border to work in the States. I have a BScN. The application process was a breeze. One consideration for people working in Canada: for the MSN, you have to be working in the States.