Any Barry University pre/current students or graduates??


I plan on calling Barry some time this week, but was hoping I might be able to get a student's perspective on things....

I currently attend PBCC, but have recently been thinking about switching to Barry. I hear a lot of amazing things about Barry. Any input anyone may have about the below questioins would be really appreciated!!

1. What is your experience with Barry? What would you say are the ups/downs of the program?

2. What makes a student eligible for their two-year option?

3. How much financial aid/assistance is realistically available to students? (Honestly, I don't really have any money for school--right now I'm attending with the help of a Pell grant.)

4. Can I complete prerequisites at PBCC and transfer over the credits?

5. Where are clinical sites?

6. Do you think the hefty pricetag is worth it?

7. Anything else you think I should know?

Thank you in advance to everyone who took the time to read this, especially to those who respond. I really aprpreciate it!!

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