Any Aug 2008 New Grads Out There?


Hi, I'm in a nursing program that graduates in August, and I'm just curious if there are any other Aug grads out there who are having difficulty securing new grad RN positions in NC.:uhoh3: I applied to UNC, Duke, & WakeMed, and my area of interest is Pediatric Emergency, however, I applied for Adult ED and other pediatric positions as well. Both UNC & Duke called me this month and told me that they had already hired all their ED new grads for the REST OF THE YEAR & UNC told me they only had adult med-surg and neuro opportunities left!:down: I am very confused because I don't graduate until August and I applied to all 3 hospitals in January. In addition, I have Peds ER, Adult ER, Critical Care Transport, & EMS experience, so it's not like I'm lacking experience; I'm currently doing a 560 hour practicum between a Level 1 Trauma Peds ER & a Critical Care Transport Team. Anyone have any suggestions? Start looking outside of NC? I really had my heart set on WakeMed (specifically, their Children's ED), but I haven't gotten a single call back for an interview.

Anyone else experiencing a similar situation?:o


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I applied to WakeMed in January and never got a call back, either. I called their office because I was going to interview at Duke in the first week of March and had not heard back from them. (I was traveling from far away and wanted to secure as many interviews as possible) I called their HR office and advised them that I would be in the area and asked if they wanted to set up an interview with me. They did set one up and I really liked it!

I would suggest you contact them and let them know you are interested in interviewing, have already filled out an application, and are willing to answer any questions the managers would have regarding your resume and qualifications. Either way, good luck!!!

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