Any ASU Fall '09 Hopefulls out there?


Just wondering if there are any fellow ASU Fall 09 BSN hopefulls out there....

Is this your first time applying? Or have you applied before?

I have applied before this application and I'm trying to get an idea if I will get in this time. I missed the Spring '09 advancement & was pretty bummed.

If anyone is willing to share their total advancement score I would sincerely appreciate it!


determinded 2succeed


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I am applying again for fall as well. I was able to replace my B in Microbiology with my A in Pathophysiology this time so I will have a 4.0. I hope that is enough of a difference because I didn't do significantly better on the NET. I took it yesterday and was frustrated when I saw that it was the exact same test. So that initial reading passage that I struggled with for some reason last time was there again. I actually did 3 points worse this time, I think because I was second guessing myself trying not to make the same mistakes I did last time. Grr. I did about 10 different practice tests and read several study guides trying to do better and never scored below 85% on those, I don't know why that particular test is like my kryptonite. Oh well. So I ended up with a 100 on the Math and 70 on the reading. So my advancement score should be 5.7 right? If that doesn't get me in I'm going have to seriously consider a different career path LOL.


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My total score was a 5.707 when I got my app. back to review it. I was curious student nurse777 what your last two decimals were?? I think it will definitley go up from last semester like maybe a 5.65 or something. I can't imagine it increasing much more than that but i guess we'll find out :) What was your score determined 2succeed?


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I think mine is a flat 5.7 if I remember correctly so I'm right behind you. If that doesn't get me in I think I'm going to become a physical therapist. :)

Let me know when you get your letter either way. I'll post as soon as I find out. Good Luck!


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What extra classes do you need to take to apply to ASU BSN program if you are doing pre-reqs at a Maricopa Community College?


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I'm in! I got the letter today. I'm so relieved. Now I just have to figure out how to support myself through the program LOL.

The cut off was 5.593 this time. Hope to see you guys at the welcome meeting!


CONGRATS!!!! With your high scores, you totally deserve your spot. That is excellent.

Unfortunately I didn't get into ASU, but 3 days before I received the denial letter from them, I got my acceptance letter to Mesa CC/Boswell (Associates Program). I always told myself I would go to the first program that accepted me - things happen for a reason right?

Yay! Good luck future RN! :nurse:


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Congrats to you! I was considering the LPN route if I didn't get in this time so I agree that any program is great right now. The plus of the associates program is that you'll probably be able to get your employer to pay for your BSN bridge program. Good luck and take care.

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