Any Air Force CRNA's out there?


Hi guys, I'm starting a CRNA program here in 10 days. I've always flirted with the idea of serving but I was always afraid I'd end up being called to duty while trying to finish school. I've always wanted to serve my country but that was always the biggest issue because school came first. I've seen too many people try to finish degrees while being in the reserves and it always turned me off of that type of service.

Now that I'm accepted to CRNA school, I've been speaking with an AF recruiter regarding the HSPS and it's really appealing to me. I've been asking him questions, but I'd like to speak to an AF CRNA that's living and breathing doing what I'd essentially be doing, just to be sure that the recruiter isn't pulling any typical recruiter tricks.

Hopefully someone out there can answer my questions and give me an idea what I'd be in for. I won't waste my time and list my multitude of questions unless someone out there actually speaks up.

Thanks guys!

Has 18 years experience.

hey! I am looking into the same program on the reserve side. I didn't realize that you have to come in on a critical care nurse slot. I was told today that last month the government cut 100 slots. The recruiter stated he only had two to fill and already had people working on those. So it is wait until Oct and new budget to see how many slots they will offer. Is this accurate from what you are hearing as well?