Any advice please


Hi everyone I'm in need of some serious advice. I'm a new grad and I have 2 job offers on the table one is an OR RN position that is 9 minutes away from my house. Indo their periop 101 and have to sign a 2 year contract after. It's at a small community hospital and after that I choose the schedule I wanna work. There's no weekends and no holidays. There will be on call at times. Then I have a pediatric RN position for a larger health system that is 25 minutes away from me. Is 3 12 hours shifts 7a to 7p and Every other weekend and some holidays. This position will train me in peds nicu and PICU and mother baby just in case I need to float over there if they bare short staffed but me floating there won't happen often since all the staff on my unit is on the floater schedule for that.  I did a site visit and the staff was amazing at both hospitals. The pay equals out to be the same. I guess as a new nurse I'm not sure what I'm getting into with either but I know I'm interested in both. Sometimes I also hear horror stories about the OR surgeons so that's a bit scary. I would love any advice anyone has to give. Thanks sooo much in advance