Any advice on LPN to RN programs?

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Hello to all! :) I am currently working as a MA and wanted to get into a RN program but have recently been debating between the LPN or RN programs. Looking at the benefits of both, i am leaning a bit more towards the LPN to start because it is not as long as the RN and i feel i can atleast get my foot in the door and start to learn the whole nursing field. I currently work with two CRNP's and they really feel i am more than capable of becoming a nurse (which makes me feel really great :D)I was wondering how soon after the LPN i can get into the RN programs and what the process is in doing this, is it different in every state or are they all pretty much the same in retrospect? I currently live up north but will be moving back down to FL after this winter, so if anybody knows of any good LPN schools in either the Orlando or WPB areas please let me know and how long are their programs. I also wanted to know if LPN was pretty much the same as a HHA or CNA but with more benefits as far as pay. I read alot of duties of the LPN and it seems like they do pretty much the same as i did when i used to work as a HHA except for passing of the meds, is this the case, just wanting to know. Thanks for any help out there and info it is appreciated! :o

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