Any ADN program recomendations in/around Boston, Ma?



Does anyone have any recommendations for ADN programs in /around the Boston, Ma area?


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In my opinion, go for your BSN, not your ADN. There are so many hospitals in/around Boston that are moving away from hiring nurses with just an associates degree (the Brigham actually posted an article about it on their career page). If you still want your ADN, check out Caritas Laboure College, or Quincy. I believe Mass Bay also has a program.

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I got my ADN at Bunker Hill. The instructors ran the gamut, but my clinicals were good. For me, it came down to cost: $7,000 for an ADN or at least $15,000 for a BSN.

An ADN likely won't get you an hospital RN job in the Boston area, but you can work in a variety of other settings. I work in an Assisted Living facility, and it took me 10 months to find my first job.If you want a BSN, your employer will most likely pay for it.

You guys have been amazing!! Thank you all so much, however, feel free to share any additional guidance..:up:

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