Any accredited LPN/LVN schools online?


I have exhausted looking for LVN programs near where I live (the closest place is over 40 miles away!) and I was wondering if there were any affordable, accredited, online schools where I can get my License? I am also looking for a place that lets me choose a place for clinicals since, lucky me, I am also far away from a lot of hospitals except for one(the closest one is 10 miles away otherwise it's over 20 miles). I also hope that the program I become enrolled in tells me where/when I can take my NCLEX-PN once I am done with the coarse work. I have already tried contacting the hospitals closest to me to try for LVN programs there but there weren't any. I also don't trust for profit schools so no suggestions of those either please. Anybody on here ever take their LPN/LVN coarse work online? Whenever I look for something it's always just spam and if anybody could provide any links I would be so grateful. Thank you for your time:nurse: