Anxiety Accomodations in Nursing School?

by Chilalah Chilalah (New) New Student

Hi everyone!

I'm in my third semester (out of 4) for my ADN program and my anxiety disorder has really ramped up this semester. I have been pushing off requesting ADA accommodations for my anxiety because I'm afraid of any stigma or backlash I might receive from my program and clinical instructors as being seen unfit to care for patients. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge or experience with ADA accommodations for anxiety in nursing programs. Thank you!


verylostentrymsnstudent, CNA

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Do you have a psych? go see your SDS office. You are 100000000% entitled by law to get accommodations to bring you to a more level playing ground . that’s what ADA is for. Nursing school has exacerbated every single psych issue I’ve ever had. This has been the worst experience of my life, like worse than childhood trauma, so I will gladly take time and a half on exams, take them alone and not with the rest of my dweeble classmates, and be excused from classes to take care of myself. Your SDS officer should help you through this process and if not, just go above them. No one likes *** PR. I support you.  

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