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Another Salary question, South Florida


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Hello fellow Healthcare workers,

I am currently an ICU nurse and looking to relocate back to South Florida. I am with lvl 1 trauma teaching hospital in north Florida with 1 year experience and this is my first nursing job out of school. In all honesty, this pandemic as made me realize I REALLY need to go back home to be with family. However, before making this big jump I want to look into salaries in South Florida. I have always heard that South Florida pays better than north and central Florida, but I am finding it hard to find up to date salary information when searching the web. Which has lead me to hoping some kind souls will share some information on the forum.

This relocation will not happen until I get my CCRN certification (August hopefully) and the pandemic comes down. Also, I am familiar with South Florida and would love to stay in Broward County. So hospitals like Broward Health, Memorial, and Cleveland Clinic are some hospitals I have interest in. However, I am not oppose to traveling into Miami for Baptist, Jackson, or Kendall Regional.

Thank you beforehand and stay safe fellow cohorts!

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I am in the same situation. I want to relocate from New York City to Miami. I have been an ICU nurse for 3 years now: 1 year MICU. 1 y CT ICU and 1 year SICU. Will move in Feb 2022. What are the salaries like in Broward County and Miami proper? What is the work environment like in ICUs? Patient ratio? I believe there are no unions, is that correct?